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A large block of ice was held in a tray or compartment near the top of the box. Most municipally consumed ice was harvested in winter from snow-packed areas or frozen lakes, stored in ice houses, and delivered domestiy as iceboxes became more common.

Antique American Oak McCray Ice Box Grand Olde Things.

Cold air circulated down and around storage compartments in the lower section. The model is made out as a fine piece of oak furniture with tin or zinc shelving and door lining. An oak cabinet icebox that would be found in well-to-do homes. In 1907 survey of expenditures of New York City inhabitants, 81% of the families surveyed were found to possess "refrerators" either in the form of ice stored in a tub or iceboxes.

How to Convert Your Modern Refrerator into an <b>Antique</b> Ice Box e.

Antique ice box! Excactly what I need for the trailer. I really really.

The user had to replenish the melted ice, normally by obtaining new ice from an iceman. Able to produce clean, sanitary ice year-round, their product gradually replaced ice harvested from ponds.

Old fashioned icebox refrerator - my parents used to have an old.

Some finer models had spots for draining ice water from a catch pan or holding tank. With metropolitan growth, many sources of natural ice became contaminated from industrial pollution or sewer runoff.

Antique icebox manual details:

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