Auto vent 3000 user manual

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The Autofire3000 can be utilized as a single zone controller or as a multi-zone controller for optimizing temperature uniformity within larger kilns.


Kiln manufacturers and operators prefer the Auto Fire3000 because of its versatility and proven reliability.

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Robust electronics and a four-layer circuit board desn make the controller immune to electrical noise and able to perform in industrial environments. [PDF] Download AF3000 user manual » [PDF] Download AF3000 typical wiring diagram » Cone-Fire Method: The controller provides quick selection of preset Cone programs from Cone 022 to Cone 12.

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The Autofire3000 controller is available as a panel mount component for kiln/control box assembly or as a complete stand-alone control box package. These programs are desned specifiy for ceramic firings that require specific heat-work to properly bend an Orton Pyrometric Cone.

Auto vent 3000 user manual:

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