Casio electronic cash register pcr-272 manual

Casio PCR-T273 • $90.87 - PicClick

If you want to remove a previous item, or return an item after a sale, turn the key to RF (refund) mode and key in the item the same as you did in REG mode.

Casio PCR 272 - Cabinet Desn Cash Register Quick

The cash register gives you the ability to track sales up to eht (8) different operators.

<b>Casio</b> PCR 272 - Cabinet Desn <b>Cash</b> <b>Register</b> Quick

User's manual - CASIO

The PCR-272 give you some added benefits with a multi-purpose tray to hold customers money while calculating change, a reliable, hh speed impact printer and an anti-bacterial keyboard to cut down the spread of germs.

Casio PCR-272 Review - YouTube

This is a very simple model, so there are only two ways to remove items in a sale.

Casio electronic cash register pcr-272 manual:

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Overall: 100 Rates

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