Changing automatic to manual mustang

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Offers custom-made aluminum driveshafts for classic Mustangs. Using a spare transmission input shaft as a clutch alnment tool, Mustangs Etc. One uses a wire clip to hold the clutch fork to the pivot—the early type used prior to 1968.

Converting An Automatic Transmission To A Standard Shift.

Mounts the Borg & Beck clutch, and torques the bolts between 25 and 28 lb-ft in a crisscross fashion. The other clutch fork has a clip that slips into the pivot for a more secure marriage, and is used for the ’68 and later models.

What would it cost to convert an <strong>automatic</strong> <strong>mustang</strong> into a.

AUTO to MANUAL SWAP! V6 Mustang Forums

Ultimately, the T10 was dropped in favor of the Ford T&C Top Loader four-speed. Late-model Mustang bellhousings are available from Mustang Village in Fontana, California.

What would it cost to convert an automatic mustang into a.

Here’s a four-speed transmission you don’t see often. Check the side bearings and springs for wear, and replace as necessary.

Changing automatic to manual mustang:

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