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This model was a huge step up from the MK1 with all new frame and now wears large upside down Showa forks.

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Oil injection, pillion pegs, twin ring piston & low reving 2 stroke engine were only a few of the differences, Yet the CRM was more like the X than the CR.

<i>Crm</i> <i>250</i> <i>Workshop</i> <i>Manual</i> -

Honda CRM 250 R Workshop Manual

The Mk1 was sold in red or white and is actually quite small in size compared to later models, yet with it's peakier motor and less weht this model is preferd by the shorter rider and it can be easier to manage off road than later models.

Crm 250 Workshop Manual -

CRM2 - 1990 So this is where it all started, and it's not hard to see why the japanese (and the rest of the 2 wheeled world) fell in love with the bike straht away, with it's good looks straht from the current CR250 of it's day, (although thats where it's similaritys end) superb chassis and suspension put the CRM into a new market and Honda sold loads of them.

Honda crm 250 ar workshop manual:

Rating: 95 / 100

Overall: 95 Rates

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