Ifpug manual for function point estimation

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Three snificant issues play a role in the estimating challenge: Each of these 14 characteristics was assned a degree of influence between 0 and 5; consequently, the total degree of influence ranged between 0 and 70, which then was applied in a formula to become a value adjustment factor to the Function Point count.

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Although this was part of the Function Point methodology for many years, IFPUG embarked upon the effort to replace these GSCs through the use of SNAP, a more realistic and practical methodology to establish a link between the non-functional size and the effort to provide the non-functional requirements.

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ISO has defined quality requirements as those characteristics that form part of the quality model: functionality, reliability, usability, efficiency, maintainability, and portability. The International Function Point Users (IFPUG), a nonprofit and member-governed organization, has become the recognized leader in promoting the effective management of application software development and maintenance activities.

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Stakeholders involved with the development of software are frequently challenged to provide early and accurate software project estimates.

Ifpug manual for function point estimation:

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