Mercury sport jet 175 service manual

Mercury sport jet 175

Jet Boat Owner What was the reading of the compression? Sometimes you can give the rings a lttle life by squirting mystery oil into the sparkplug hole, but really, need more info, like the readings from the compression test.

Mercury Marine 175XR2 Sport Jet Service Repair Manual DOWNLOAD

Just had our F16 Sea Rayder evaluated since it didn't run last year (had it winterized etc).

<strong>Mercury</strong> <strong>Jet</strong> Outboard eBay

Purchase Mercury Service Manual #28 Supplement Bravo Sterndrive.

Took it to the shop and mechanic says it has "low compression".

Mercury Sport Jet Manual - navt.

Can anyone give me any ideas as to what will be needed to fix the "low compression"?

Mercury sport jet 175 service manual:

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