Samsung ssc-12c user manual


check connection wires and terminals are connected correctly there is no struggle in the cable or the cabling has been damage. check the other three cameras the most simple is to connect the cameras that doesnt work in the terminal that does work!

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I salvaged an SOD14C and found this out by playing around with it.

<strong>SAMSUNG</strong> SSC17WEB <strong>USER</strong> <strong>MANUAL</strong> Pdf Download. -

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The 6 pin RJ11 is wired as follows, holding the cable, connector up, cable hanging down with the pins facing you the pins count from left to rht.

System Controller SCC-3100A User's

Pin 1 is green it is the Microphone Pin 2 is red it is the 12 Volts DC Pin 3 is yellow it is the Speaker Pin 4 is the bare copper shield it is the common (-12 Volts DC, Microphone -, and Video -) Pin 5 is whitish clear it is the Video Pin 6 is black it is the Speaker - Hope this helps!

Samsung ssc-12c user manual:

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