Sky plus box instruction manual

Sky Plus Hd Box User Manual -

So, this is not an option As content can’t be extracted or copied in a computer format, your only option is to copy content from the Sky box onto another media.


Got a Sky or Sky HD box and looking to copy the contents from the built-in hard-drive? The Sky boxes are great for recording hours of TV, but what if you want to copy or archive TV shows, to free up space on the hard drive?

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Sky Plus Hd Box User Manual -

We look at the various ways to do this, and answer your common questions on the subject. Most Sky and Sky HD boxes have at least one USB slot. Many Sky and Sky HD boxes have a SATA socket at the back.

Sky Hd Box Manual -

Sadly, you can’t use these to extract or copy content that’s stored on the Sky hard drive. SATA stands for Serial Advanced Technology Attachment and in the computing world relates to hard disks and data transfer.

Sky plus box instruction manual:

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