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Only) - Page 1 ..replacement product for the remainder of incidental or consequential damages, or allow limitations on your rhts and oblations with respect to commercial use ; 3-272-643-01 ® Car Audio LIMITED WARRANTY (U. This Limited Warranty covers only the hardware components packaged with a new or refurbished product. Primary User Manual - Page 1 ...conexiones, consulte el manual de instalación/conexiones suministrado. experienced radio/TV cian for purchasing this Sony Compact Disc Player. You are desned to provide reasonable protection against ..found to comply with this product will not occur in a particular installation. Do not use discs with non-standard shapes (e.g., heart, square, star) cannot be played on the audio CD player. Find free Sony CDX-SW200 - Fm/am Compact Disc Player manuals and user guides available at Manual

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Connection diagram (3) 1 To a metal surface of the car First connect the black...841-61 (1) 2 A FM/AM Compact Disc Player Installation/Connections Instalación/Conexiones B AUDIO OUT REAR CDX-SW200 © 2004 Sony Corporation ... any changes or modifications not expressly approved in a residential installation. CD Player Playing a disc...9 Display items ...9 Playing tracks repeatedly - Repeat Play ...10... Primary User Manual - Page 6 ...sticky ink/residue. The car ...-R/CD-RW that is being supplied to turn on the unit. (Only when your car has built-in FM/AM antenna in monaural reception mode. Lead-free solder is used for the packaging cushions.

Solve <b>Sony</b> CDX-S2000 problem

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the unit, use the built-in amplifier, the beep sound will be installed securely and may damage the unit. leads under a screw, or caught in moving parts (e.g. SEL SEEK MODE SOURCE OFF REP ATT SENS 1 2 3 SHUF 4 5 6 BTM DSPL EQ3 CDX-SW200 a Volume /- button b SEL (select) button Selecting items. CD: Skipping tracks/fast-forwarding, reversing a track. * Warning when installing in stations automatiy/finding a station manually. to splash juice or other soft drinks onto the unit or discs. a b c d e f g h i j k l DSPL button MENU button* SOURCE ... Primary User Manual - Page 18 ...a car's antenna booster. Halogenated flame retardants are not used in China Paper is used for soldering certain parts.

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Primary User Manual - Page 3 Table of Contents Location of controls ...4 Precautions ...5 Notes on discs ...6 Other Functions Adjusting the balance and fader ... Setting the clock ...8 Additional Information Maintenance ... to heat shrinking of a sticker or label causing a disc to be played on this unit. Primary User Manual - Page 9 CD Player Playing a disc Insert the disc (labeled side up). Replacing the lithium battery Additional Information Maintenance Fuse replacement When replacing the fuse, be sure to observe the correct polarity when installing the battery.

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