Trex 500 efl pro manual

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The reader is forewarned that some of the posts are lengthy.

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PART ONE - Functional Overview, Versions PART TWO Servo Jitter, Failures and Problems PART THREE Inspections and Repairs, Cleaning, Lubrication PART FOUR The Stock Frame and the Elevator Servo PART FIVE 3-in-1 Servo Connection Mapping PART SIX - Servo Pushrod Orientations PART SEVEN - Servo schematic PART EHT - Timing information FUNCTIONAL OVERVIEW Mechaniy, the linear servos use a motor and gears to rotate a threaded rod.

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A threaded plastic actuator bushing on the rod moves linearly as the rod is rotated.

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Countless threads in the 130x forum provide snippets of information on the 130x linear servos.

Trex 500 efl pro manual:

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