Luxman tube preamplifier cl 34 manual

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Even more noticeable are the stylish wood enclosures—standard on the Luxman, optional on the Marantz—which make both preamps appear ready for duty at the Playboy Mansion, ca 1963, or perhaps an appearance in a Life photo essay titled "At Home with Steve Mc Queen." That two heritage products share a desn aesthetic comes as no surprise, especially considering that their manufacturers began making upscale consumer-audio products at more or less the same time, in the early 1950s.

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And while a critical examination of the Marantz lineage is a chore for which I have no enthusiasm, the fact is: The Luxman Corporation, which this year celebrates its 90th birthday, has never ceased making products that are, in self and in sound, obviously descended from their famous forebears.

<b>Luxman</b> CL-34 <b>Tube</b> Pre Amplifier for sale.

Luxman CL-32 - PROD_META_TITLE - Classic Audio

If you look at it from a distance and squint a little, Luxman's Classic CL-38u preamplifier ($4200) could almost be mistaken for that most classic of all classic hi-fi products, the Marantz Model 7C control center.


The aluminum front panels of both models have, at their centers, a row of four distinctive toggle switches, flanked on each side by four control knobs.

Luxman tube preamplifier cl 34 manual:

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