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I have never regarded manual labor as a special principle, but as a very simple and natural application of moral bases an application which before all is presented to every sincere man.

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In our perverted society in the society ed civilized we need, above all things, to speak of manual labor, because the chief fault of our society has been, and up to the present time still is, the striving to rid ourselves of manual labor, and without mutual concessions to profit by the labor of the poor, uneducated, and indent classes who are in a state of slavery akin to that which obtained in antiquity.

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The first indication of sincerity on the part of the people of our class, professing Christian, philosophical or humanitarian principles, is the endeavor, as far as possible, to avoid this injustice.

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The simplest and most available means of attaining this is manual labor, which begins with each man attending to his own wants.

History of manual labour:

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