Hoew to 2002 toyota sienna manual

Replacing the water pump on a Toyota Sienna before it fails.

The last time my wife took our 2006 Toyota Sienna in for service, the service manager reminded her that the next visit would be the 90,000 mile service and told her that in addition to the belts (timing belt as well as the serpentine belts as ed for on the maintenance schedule), the water pump would also have to be replaced.

How to Unlock Locked Steering Wheel or Key Won't Turn in Car.

When she spoke with a couple of the mechanics she was advised that this is the dealer's policy because it (the water pump) may fail in the futute and if it does they will have to charge her for installing another new set of belts including the timing belt. I know that water pumps eventually go, but not usually at under 100k miles.

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Toyota Sienna 1998 thru 2009 All Models Haynes Repair Manual.

8) Press both the lock and unlock buttons on the transmitter (on the remote) simultaneously for about 1 second.

Programming Toyota Sienna Door Remote Keyfob Instructions.

9) After letting go of the lock and unlock buttons, hit the lock button by itself and hold it for 2 seconds.

Hoew to 2002 toyota sienna manual:

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