Jabra gn9120 headset manual

GN9120/GN9125 Set-up Card - Jabra

Push the button and hold it for 3-5 seconds –you may hear a beep or a pulsing sound after doing this (depending on the model of the phone).

Trouble Shooting Series 9120 Changing the Channel on Your Jabra.

The phone is now in registration mode and ready to be registered with the headset.

<b>GN9120</b>/GN9125 Set-up Card - <b>Jabra</b>

Jabra GN9120 DECT/GAP Anleitung - Headset Company

Your headset and phone should now be registered and you should hear a dialing tone when using the headset.

How to set up a Jabra 9120 Wireless Telephone Headset Set Up.

For incoming s you would simply need to press the answer button on the headset to answer/end the .

Jabra gn9120 headset manual:

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