Rauland 2524 user manual

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As a master clock, it can correct L - virtually any secondary clocks and control up to 350 “events” The 2524 is shipped with all the hardware needed to mount (such as ringing bells or turning lhts and equipment on and it in a rack.

Rauland Telecenter 11 master clock

Locate the following items before discarding the bff).

<strong>Rauland</strong> Telecenter* 1100 <strong>2524</strong> Controller. -

Rauland 2013-3S_Education.x

As an intercom control center, it enables a-user to “dial” packing material: room speakers, displays the number of a room ing in, and provides software zones for bell tones and paging.

Rauland Telecenter* 1100 2524 Controller. -

For security Rauland applications, it can automatiy check the wiring to room Qv. stations every hour (or manually at any time) and enable an 4 #IO-32 x 54” black machine screw. WL0315 The unit’s LEDs and keypad make it easy to enter and check 4 Tinnerman for #l O-32 mounting screw. Of special note is the ease with which any part 1 Intercom-functions label.

Rauland 2524 user manual:

Rating: 95 / 100

Overall: 92 Rates

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