Sony psp slim user manual

Archived PSP E1004 Console PSP®

The PSP-2000 has a new remote control that's incompatible with the PSP-1000 equivalent, the manual reveals.

What Are the Different Sony PSP Models? eBay

That's pretty much what the currenty model, the PSP-1000, offers.

<i>Sony</i> <i>PSP</i> System <i>Slim</i> GameStop Refurbished for

Leaked 'PSP Slim' manual reveals fresh

However, the new battery's rating has been downgraded from 1800m Ah to 1200m Ah, so Sony seems to be getting as much life out of the slimmer battery as it was from the thicker one.

Sony PSP System Slim GameStop Refurbished for

Apparently the switch is now on the top of the console, alongside the USB connector.

Sony psp slim user manual:

Rating: 99 / 100

Overall: 98 Rates

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