Ti 92 plus manual

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Going into the program editor To go into the program editor, press the APPS key (rht below escape). Then a menu should come up and the cursor should be on Program. Type in a name for the program, for now you can just use "test".

TI Graphing Calculator FAQ

But first I just need to give you a vew guidelines on working with the program editor.

TI-Basic Z80 Programming - books, open books for an

TI-89 / TI-92 Plus Tip List

After this lesson, you will begin programming some programs.

Texas Instruments 89

The TI-92 is the hardest calculator to program BASIC. All I did to learn BASIC was read the instruction manual (I only had a TI-80 at the time) and then make lots of programs.

Ti 92 plus manual:

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