Wa3002 g4 user manual

BSNL broadband wifi connection problems - Wireless

(i) Set the ip address of PC in range between to 254 (any one ip) with subnet mask of with the gateway address of (modem as gateway to access internet) (ii) Next set DNS IP address to BSNL DNS IP address or if you dont know BSNL dns server IPs you can use opendns dns servers l Ps of 2.222 and 2.220 as an alternative to access internet. To prevent that secure your wireless router with a passphrase. Go to wireless setup Once you switch ON the modem and the DSL link becomes stable, you should be able to access the internet. Plus if you own a nokia phone or ipod that supports wifi then those devices can only access internet though PPPo E mode (always on modem) If you have messed up the settings or unable to internet, just reset the mode by restoring the default settings either through modem control panel or a reset hole at the back side of mode.

WA3002G4 - BSNL-Maharashtra

In this mode once the DSL link is steady the modem remembers the username and password and auto connects to internet when switched on.

BSNL broadband wifi connection problems - Wireless

Confure Internet on BSNL UTStar WA3002G4 ADSL. -

If you are using a username and password to connect to internet with DSL modem (like huawei) then that means you are most likely to be using Bridged mode.

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All you need to do is change this bridged mode to PPPo E mode in your modem control panel. Open your browser and point your browser to to open your ADSL modem control panel. If that doesnt give you modem access page, Next is to set up IP address and DNS IPs. (a) First you can go to router and enable DHCP and it will automatiy assn IPs to PCs you connect. Just edit this and leave the other PVC connections.

Wa3002 g4 user manual:

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