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TAID004 - Provide an emergency first aid

First Aid Emergency Procedures4.1 Camperdown/Darlington Campus4.2 Role of Security Officers4.3 Other Campuses4.4 Snage and Information Dissemination to Staff and Students4.5 Interaction with Emergency Control Organisation (Emergency Wardens)4.6 Debriefing Following First Aid Treatments5. Appendices To guide the University community: To guide members of the University community in disclosing health information that can assist in prompt and appropriate first aid responses to foreseeable medical emergencies and to guide Nominated First Aid Officers in dealing confidentially with such disclosed health information.

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Health Information5.1 Staff and Student Disclosure of Medical Conditions5.2 First Aid Response Plans for Known Conditions6. To encourage activities to be undertaken that prevent injuries.

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Reporting Incidents6.1 Staff Injuries and Illnesses6.2 Student and Visitor Injuries and Illnesses6.3 Recording First Aid Treatments7. In brief departments are responsible for: 2.1 DETERMINATION OF NOMINATED FIRST AID OFFICER NEEDS FOR A BUILDINGNominated First Aid Officers are appointed on a Building basis, i.e.

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The University has humane, legal and financial oblations to provide a first aid service for its staff, students and visitors.

Australian first aid manual pdf:

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