Drake ssr 1 manual

Instruction, users and service manuals for Drake

Tuning is a bit tricky but not difficult and in crowded bands one needs to be careful.

Receiver Drake SSR-1 Operator's Manual

Like any other receiver, the more antenna you give it, the happier it is. Wrote to Drake some 20 years ago and got a nice letter with suggestions. Maybe I'll look for another now that I have the Internet to search.

THE <strong>DRAKE</strong> <strong>SSR1</strong> SHORTWAVE RECEIVER -

Drake SSR1 Receiver - Universal Radio

Along with my Kenwood TS-530S the SSR is one of those radios that never gets old. It is a very good receiver using the Wadley Loop desn.


I've owned my SSR-1 since Christmas of 1976, my first Christmas gift from my wonderful wife.

Drake ssr 1 manual:

Rating: 87 / 100

Overall: 100 Rates

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