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Each character has a time bar, when it fills you issue a command, they execute that command and then their time bar has to refill before they can do something else. Just keep in mind, with IV, all three ports are different games, gameplay wise.

WalkthroughFinal Fantasy IV/Drake/Index - Final

Welcome kiddies, the Drake Clawfang's Final Fantasy IV walkthrough for the Game Boy Advance!

WalkthroughFinal <strong>Fantasy</strong> IV/Drake/Index - <strong>Final</strong>

Basics - Final Fantasy IV Guide - N

It's been a while since I've played this game, but I remember every inch of this game and am more than qualified to play it again and bring you along in spirit. IV's battle system, compared to later installments, is amazingly simple.

Steam Community FINAL FANTASY IV

Pretty basic stuff, press Start to open the menu, A to select and B to cancel. R and L swap around which party member is the leader on the map. Each character IV equips a weapon, a shield, a helmet, armor, and an accessory like a ring or a gauntlet.

Final fantasy iv manual:

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