Lenovo thinkpad t61 manual user

IBM Thinkpad T61 Repair - iFixit

To get wireless working you'll need to download the vanilla kernel source, apply the mac80211 patch and compile it.

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I have a .conf that sets all the options needed to get the T61 up and running under 2.6.22. Below is what I did to get the various devices working properly...

IBM <i>Thinkpad</i> <i>T61</i> Repair - iFixit

IBM Lenovo/Thinkpad T61 - Notebooks for Students

========================== =========================== Below is a detailed writeup on getting wireless working using the Intel opensource drivers.

Lenovo ThinkPad T61 Buying Guide eBay

Fingerprinter reader, sound and and bluetooth, wireless and suspend are all working.

Lenovo thinkpad t61 manual user:

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