Lenovo thinkpad t61 manual user

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Fingerprinter reader, sound and and bluetooth, wireless and suspend are all working.

IBM Lenovo/Thinkpad T61 - Notebooks for Students

I'm pretty impressed with the performance of the 2.4 proc, 7200 rpm drive and 4GB of ram.

<i>ThinkPad</i> X260 <i>User</i> Guide

Lenovo ThinkPad T61 7659 User's Manual

I kicked 25 simultaneous, avi files (Season 2 of Star Trek Enterprise) and it didn't miss a beat. I'm using the native linux drivers from to run the 4965.

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There is also a modified intel_you'll need to get rid of some the screen fuzzyness as well as a patch that need to applied to alsa to get sound working.

Lenovo thinkpad t61 manual user:

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Overall: 93 Rates

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