Mc-900 wood lathe manual

DIY Wood Lathe MC900 3/4HP - nz

I have freed up the rhthand pulley on the motor arbor and it slides now, but what I think should be the moveable side of the pulley on the spindle is stubbornly frozen.

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I guess my first question should be, am I correct in assuming the cast iron collar (the black piece) and the cone pulley side in the first picture should slide freely on spindle? ) side of the pulley and the grub screw locking the speed adjustment pusher to the black piece) The Grizzly manual for a similar lathe says the spindle should be greased there as regular maintenance, but none was evident just a bit of surface rust that mostly came off with steel wool.

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I'm not sure if it has been sitting in the weather but it certainly appears it has never had a grease in its life.

The motor runs and I have managed to free most of the things in the head stock but I can't get the variable speed thing to work.

Mc-900 wood lathe manual:

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