2007 yamaha fz1 owners manual pdf

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Top speed re causes the speedometer to show the last top speed. Well, the speedo and odometer are linked, and if your bike takes 1/4 mile to reach 130mph from a standing start, that is what will show on the odometer each time you use the TSM function.

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You simply enter a few values in text boxes, and it does the math FOR YOU and spits out step by step instructions.

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EVERY time you turn on the nition the stored calibration value is shown on the display.

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Only if you can't fure out how to use a web browser (and we assume since you're reading this that you CAN use the internet just fine) to use the online calculator at ...a Flash app (Download: Android app: Free download here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details? The Speedo Healer includes a 7 segment LED display making it possible to review, modify, and fine tune settings.

2007 yamaha fz1 owners manual pdf:

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