Ariston margherita 2000 al128d service manual


Cal Data on error codes and faults Ariston, Hotpoint Indesit, Scholtes washing machines with these type of panels Indesit washing machine brands (WI ..), Ariston (QA .., .. Also check that the taps are on or if the drain hoses are kinked. It is likely that the water is not turned on at the taps.

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AR, AV ..) hotpoint wm,wf etc and Scholtes whose facials are shown on the left. F13 – Check the water supply, inlet valve and hot and cold hose connections.

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Merloni made washing machines (Ariston, Hotpoint Indesit) just to name a few, if there are no flashes or error code displayed but door lock LED is lit and washing machine fails to start then check door lock and associated connections . Check that the taps are on or if the drain hoses are kinked. The ambient temperature is likely to be below freezing possibly due to the pipes being frozen.

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The ambient temperature could be below freezing* F30/31 – A motor drive problem has occurred. The system will run with default conditions (1000rpm max and English language)* EVO1 Washing Machines and Washer Dryers F01 – Short circuit motor triac* F02 – Motor jammed tacho detached* F03 – Wash thermistor open/short circuit* F04 – Pressure switch jammed on empty* F05 – Pressure switch jammed on full* F06 – Program selector error* F07 – Heater relay stuck* F08 – Heater relay cannot be activated* F09 – Incompatible eeprom* F10 – Pressure switch not sensing correctly* F11 – Pump cannot be activated* F12 – Communication error* F13 – Dryer fan or dryer thermistor faulty* F14 – Dryer element faulty* F15 – Dryer element relay faulty* H20 – Not fillings.

Ariston margherita 2000 al128d service manual:

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