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1980s Week on Speedhunters has been a stark reminder about one of my own personal cars from that era. This was probably the first time I’d paid somebody to work on one of my cars in over 10 years. It was winter and they had this Volvo 245 GLT part exchange/trade-in on the forecourt that I was told I could have on a 24-hour test drive.

Cleaning E36 ICV Idle Control Valve.

When I look at my 1989 Volvo 245 estate, I wonder what it could have been by now if I’d have realised that it was a proper project car and not just a bit of fun. We all know the stories of people with half-finished builds, good intentions, unrealistic budgets and ultimately an incomplete project. Dog guard, leather, heated seats, FSH, two owners, factory 15″ alloys… The fact was that I needed a proper daily that I could eat, sleep, work and drive out of.

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But how did it become a stripped-out, turbo-powered wagon?

The Strip Club. Project Volvo Wagon -

Even with 200K miles on the clock, it still cost me £1,000 with a fresh MOT.

Bmw m3 e46 service manual free download:

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