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Nl: This page is part of a b collection of Usenet postings, archived here for your convenience. Mass Storage: Floppy Disk Drives 3.2.1) What is the Atari 810 Disk Drive? 3.2.5) What other floppy disk drives were desned for my Atari? 3.2.7) How can I use an industry standard floppy disk drive?

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For matters concerning the content of this page, please contact its author(s); use the source, if all else fails. Mass Storage: Hh Capacity Media 3.3.1) What is the Corvus disk system?

Subject Atari 8-Bit Computers Frequently

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This document is in a constant state of development and comes with no guarantees. The latest version of this document is posted to the following Usenet newss every 59 days: atari.8bit, comp.answers, news.answers Known web locations for the latest version of this document: ftp://edu/pub/faqs/atari-8-bit/faq You may also request my latest working version at: [email protected] SINCE PREVIOUS POSTING: 20 11.1 Jon Ebbs 20 9.1 . CAR descriptions 20 7.1.1 11.1 Harry B Stewart's consultancy "Neoteric"; wrote PILOT 20 removed 64K program sections (former 8.10 and 8.11), renumber 20 1.3 6.3 7.1.1 standardize references to CX801, CX852, CX853 20 6.11 Microtek = MPC 20 6.11 how 400 48Ki B upgrades work; 400/800 intro wording 20 1.16 section rename: ports - connectors 20 1.16 added: RAM Module slots 1-3 20 1.16 added: ROM Module/Personality Board slot 20 1.2 1.3 400/800 CPU Board 20 1.2-10 "blackboard" term is 400/800 only, thanks Laurent Delsarte 20 3.4 SIO2BT added, thanks Laurent Delsarte 20 11.1 Atari France 1984-1986 transition 20 throughout: Atari, Corp. Atari Corporation (actual name change) 20 7.3.4 Smart DOS, My DOS tweaks 20 8.3e Space Arena M4, Up for Grabs M4, Zeppelin M4, Bounce Ball M4, Drutt M4 , Rubacka vo kopec 20 11.1 David Gjerdrum 20 1.12 UMC UM6502I version of SALLY accounted for 20 throughout: Atari Corp. 3.3.4) How can I use an IDE interface hard disk or Compact Flash card?

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- Atari Corporation 20 11.1 Atari merger into JTS fixed 20 1.14 11.1 Rich Pasco (FREDDIE) ------------------------------ Subject: 0.1) Table of contents 0.1) Table of contents Computers 1.1) What is an Atari 8-bit computer? 3.3.5) How can I use a Secure Dital (SD) card with my Atari?

Epson stylus c64 manual download:

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