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Because the '70 Camaro was longer, wider, and heavier than its predecessors, it didn't stop much better than a Greyhound bus.

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It's not really Chevrolet's fault because back then braking was simply a means to slow the car down; it was not thought of as a way to improve performance. That mentality probably stems from every gearhead's first experience with speed, straht-line acceleration.

<i>Manual</i> <i>brake</i> conversion eBay

Manual brake conversion eBay

That's probably because when most car guys and girls think of performance, their brains automatiy shift into acceleration mode. To bring this '71 Camaro into the 21st century and improve its stopping force, we installed Baer Racing Track/PBR front and rear disc brake systems with a matching master cylinder and adjustable proportioning valve. slower than 10 seconds), there's always plenty of room to slow down and make the last turnout before you skid into the sand box.

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So why would you want to spend money on your brake system when it could otherwise go for a new camshaft or cylinder heads if your car can make the last return road?

F body manual brake:

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Overall: 88 Rates

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