Larson davis spark 705+ manual

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The Larson Davis CAL150 Class 2 Sound Calibrator is a battery operated, temperature compensated precise calibrator for use Spark 705 Sound Level Meters and with 1/2" diameter microphones and a range of other Sound Level Meters and Dosimeters.

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The basic model Spark 705 is confured by the user with a Windows PC to start automatiy and gather noise exposure data at the intervals you select, unobtrusively, time after time.

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Capable of storing up to fifty separate tests in a memory that can never be accidentally erased - even with the battery removed - the 705 creates a concise, one-page report with all your compliance data and a clear graphical picture of your noise exposure profile.

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Por esta razón no es necesario adquirir dos programas diferentes.

Larson davis spark 705+ manual:

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