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Play in one of tent with character, who has the hhest s. A Lodestone is worth 1 point; a Harpy Feather is worth 3 points and a Four Leaf Clover is worth 5.

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Version 2.0 is the most powerful mm6 walkthrough, included all maps of towns/dungeons, locates of treasures/keys/quest items, and repaired many minor bugs.

Home official website Mht & <i>Magic</i> x Legacy

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All pictures, descriptions, tablings was rebuilt for better avail and desn. Castle Ironfist quest 11, quest 12, quest 24, quest 42, quest 43, subquest 3 (Wilbur Humphrey) quest 10, quest 51 (Nicolai Ironfist) Expert Learning (Elton Astrogate, 2000gp) Expert Diplomacy (Walter Hargreaves, 500gp) Prince of Thieves is here if quest 28 is running (before you enter the Sewers, be sure you have completed the Dragoons' Caverns in the Castle Ironfist, and then Shadow Guild Hideout in the Castle Ironfist, and then Shadow Guild in the Frozen Hands, because he has fled from them) Large room with traps.

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I send my best greets to orinal walkthru maker: Mark Marcelais. Jump to the same tiles around the room and you will be teleported to the entrance of Rougue Leader's room.

Might and magic 8 manual:

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