Motorola ht 750 service manual

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The good news is, the interface does not require any transistors or ICs for the PTT part of the circuit, because the serial port provides positive-going logic on the RTS pin for transmit.

Motorola HT750 - UHF/VHF/Low Band -

It is only necessary to limit the current, and this can be accomplished with a 47K resistor.

<b>Motorola</b> HT750 - UHF/VHF/Low Band -

Service Manual MOTOROLA HT 750

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Motorola HT750 HT1250 Service

The PTT logic HI (approximately 3V to 5V) is supplied to the sleeve of the stereo micro mini plug, relative to the SP speaker ground sleeve.

Motorola ht 750 service manual:

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