Suzuki wagon r 1.3 service manual

SUZUKI WAGON-R WIRING DIAGRAM Service Manual free download.

The Suzuki Wagon R is a kei car produced by the Japanese manufacturer Suzuki since 1993. It is one of the first cars to use the "tall wagon" or "tall boy" desn, in which the car is desned to be unusually tall with a short bonnet and almost vertical hatchback, and sides in order to maximize the cabin space while staying within the kei car dimension restrictions.

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The Wagon R has been the best-selling kei car in Japan since 2003; The first generation Wagon R is 1,640 millimetres (64.6 in) hh, or 255 millimetres (10.0 in) taller (170 mm (6.7 in) internally) than the JDM Suzuki Alto sold at the same time (which was exactly the same length and width).

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The rebadged Mazda AZ Wagon was presented in September 1994.

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Later cars received the more common, symmetrical five-door setup.

Suzuki wagon r 1.3 service manual:

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Overall: 90 Rates

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