Tefal automatic rice cooker instruction manual

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The Tefal company has several electric rice cookers in its line, most having an 8- to 10-cup capacity.

Tefal Rice Cooker Instructions eHow

They can steam food as well as cook rice and, depending on the model, come with accessories that include steamer tray or basket, spoons and measuring cup.

<strong>Tefal</strong> <strong>Rice</strong> <strong>Cooker</strong> <strong>Instructions</strong> eHow

T-FAL 10 in 1 Rice and Multicooker RK705851

With some types of rice it is normal for a little rice to stick on the base when cooking 1 cup of rice.

Tefal Rice Cookers eBay

There is not enough or too much water compared to the quantity of rice being cooked, please refer to the cooking guide.

Tefal automatic rice cooker instruction manual:

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