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ABB Switchgear Manual 11th Ed 2006 - Scribd

At the launch the director of the IRR, Professor Simon Iwnicki, described the wide range of research being conducted by the institute, which investates issues such as rolling stock, track materials, railway infrastructure and braking systems.

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Leading fures in the UK railway industry came to the University of Huddersfield to celebrate the completion of a multi-million pound test r and the inauguration of a new that will help to fast track innovations in railway technology.

<b>ABB</b> <b>Switchgear</b> <b>Manual</b> <b>11th</b> Ed 2006 - Scribd


The university is home to the Institute of Railway Research (IRR).

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After securing 4.5 million from the Regional Growth Fund, its facilities now include a 150 ton test r that enables a wide range of experiments to be conducted on a full-size railway bogie, enabling in-depth investation of many issues surrounding the contact area between wheel and rail.

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