Emerson 8-device universal jumbo remote manual

Download free Emerson 8-Device Universal Jumbo Remote Manual.

However, the manual for the latter, sans page 15 alas, can be found As already mentioned, there are a number of similarities between the Emerson and Sharper Image, two being that both have an M-Power button and neither has a specific code search button.

Manual for sharper image universal remote - descomesra

Ive searched hh and low and I just cant seem to find anything oo this remote maybe they didn't make many but I couldn't even find a picture that resembled it so I took a picture please help me if you have any ideas on how I could program the remote its even an Emerson tv im trying to sync it with.

<strong>Manual</strong> for sharper image <strong>universal</strong> <strong>remote</strong> - descomesra

Emerson Universal Remote Control eBay

[Link: img260.imageshack.us] If its current emerson TV model, forget it.

Jumbo Remote Control, The Jumbo Universal Remote

Only oem remotes from UEI for Directv & cable have a preset code for the recent emerson tv's.

Emerson 8-device universal jumbo remote manual:

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