Emerson 8-device universal jumbo remote manual


Ive searched hh and low and I just cant seem to find anything oo this remote maybe they didn't make many but I couldn't even find a picture that resembled it so I took a picture please help me if you have any ideas on how I could program the remote its even an Emerson tv im trying to sync it with.

RC Emerson Jumbo lht up remote need help

[Link: img260.imageshack.us] If its current emerson TV model, forget it.

QuantumFx REM-115 <i>Jumbo</i> <i>Universal</i> <i>Remote</i> code search for device.

QuantumFx REM-115 Jumbo Universal Remote code search for device.

The tv i have isnt very new it has to be a 90's model its a flat screen but not a small one i have another universal remote that works just fine with it I didnt even have to program it but id like to use the b one instead and i would put the name of it but i cant find it hah thats the reason i want to have the b remote (scroll to the bottom of the page).

Emerson Universal Remote Control eBay

I'd already noticed the similarity between the Emerson and Sharper Image, though I doubt Merch Source actually make them (and there's no guarantee the programming and codes will be the same).

Emerson 8-device universal jumbo remote manual:

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