History of the church teacher's manual

The Didache Series The History of the Church, Teacher Manual.

The new Church History manuals — one for teachers and one for home-study students — come after the release of a new Book of Mormon seminary manual in 2013 and precede new manuals for the Old Testament (2015) and New Testament (2016).

The History of the Church Teacher's Manual, Revised 1st Complete.

As part of an ongoing effort to improve and coordinate Church curriculum for youth, the LDS Church recently released a new version of the “Doctrine and Covenants and Church History” seminary manual.

Tools for teachers 2017 Doctrine and Covenants and

Thy Kingdom Come A Sketch of Christ's Church in History – Book II'

When the First Presidency authorized the new Youth curriculum in 2013, they also authorized the revision of seminary and institute manuals and encouraged curriculum developers to make the materials more student-centered.

Saints of the Church A Teacher's Guide to the Vision Books.

A complete revision of the First Edition Teacher Manual in full color.

History of the church teacher's manual:

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