Manual of the medical department p-117


(1) Refer per reference (g) for disability evaluation those inactive-duty reservists issued an NOE for disability benefits due to a disability that occurred while serving on active duty or performing inactive duty training.

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(2) An inactive duty reservist who has not been given an NOE and who has been determined by the CHBUMED to be "Not Physiy Qualified" (NPQ) for active duty or retention will be referred, at the member's request, to the Informal PEB for final determination of physical condition. Phobic fear of Air, Sea and Submarine Modes of Transportation. Certain Mental Disorders including: (1) Uncomplicated Alcoholism or other Substance Use Disorder.

<i>Manual</i> of the <i>Medical</i> <i>Department</i> MANMED, NAVMED <i>P-117</i> PG1.

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3201 Criteria For Referral To The Physical Evaluation Board a. As a general rule, an active duty member or a reservist on extended active duty will be referred for disability evaluation only by a medical board that has found the member's fitness for continued naval service questionable by reason of physical or mental impairment.

Navy SEALs Lasik and PRK Requirements

A determination of questionable fitness must be supported by objective medical data displaying the nature and degree of the impairment. Certain Anemias (in the absence of Unfitting sequelae) including G6PD Deficiency, other inherited Anemia Trait, and Von Willebrand's Disease.

Manual of the medical department p-117:

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