P06 ecu auto to manual conversion

P06 ECU Engine Computers eBay

DPFI is basiy a glorified carburetor-turned-fuel injection, and was found in the CRX DX, Civic DX, and Civic LX of the 4th gen line.

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This is evidenced by the fact that the manifold itself is almost identical to the manifold of carbureted civics, and works in the same way: gas goes in up-stream, and whatever cylinder happens to be on the down stroke gets the mixture.

<b>P06</b> <b>ECU</b> Engine Computers eBay

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Multi-Point Fuel Injection system can be swapped off an Si onto a DX, for snificant gains in horsepower in torque to even the playing field.


This is probably the best mod you can make to your DX, starting out.

P06 ecu auto to manual conversion:

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