Sony wega kf-50we610 service manual

Sony Grand Wega Kf 50we610 Manual -

never experienced this problem myself - knock on wood - but from what I've read, it can be caused by a couple of different things. I guess they had a problem at the factory, for a while, not thtening the lamp cage.

Sony Lcd Projection Tv Kf-50we610 Manual

They're making these things as fast as the can, you know, in Mexico. I bought 50" about 4 months ago and already having problem with lamp. The lamp is most likely NOT burned out, but it's possible. And, the cost for a new lamp is around 200 bones, if you can find one in stock somewhere.

Kf 50we610 <i>Manual</i> -

Sony Wega 42 Rear Projection Tv Manual

After a certain number of heating cycles, the lamp quits making connection. I guess they have to replace like 9 different parts - boards and so forth. Lamp indicator lht started blinking today and TV black out. I mht mention, you need to remember that these are projector TV's.

Sony Grand Wega Kf 60we610 Manual -

Can anyone shed some lht on this and perhaps suggest what I can do about this problem?

Sony wega kf-50we610 service manual:

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