Ti-30 calculator user manual

TI-30 - Datamath Calculator Museum

With a SRP of $24.95 compared to the $49.95 of a fully equipped SR-40 the TI-30 was a great success.

TI-30XII Teacher - Education TI -

Probably the best selling calculator ever with about 15,000,000 manufactured units between 19.

<i>TI-30Xa</i>/30Xa Solar, English - Actuarial

Assembly - Creating a custom TI 84 plus graphing calculator.

Inside the TI-30 is identiy to the SR-40, the massive cost reduction was the sum of two details: The rechargeable battery pack was replaced by a simple 9V cell and the molded lettering of the colored keys replaced by a printed key plate.

TI-30Xa/30Xa Solar, English - Actuarial

Battery consumption of the TI-30 was horrible, marketing guys from TI invented the after market sales of "Rechargeable Kits" RK1 and RK2 ($10.95).

Ti-30 calculator user manual:

Rating: 87 / 100

Overall: 99 Rates

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