Torture awareness workshop reference manual

Preventing Torture An Operational Guide for

The objective was to discuss a strategy of the newly independent Ministry of Public Defense in the prevention of torture and exchange experiences from different countries.

Workshop for East African national human rhts

The seminar started with a presentation of the project experts Moritz Birk and Tiphanie Crittin on a comprehensive strategy of the Public Defense in the prevention of torture, describing the different roles and operative possibilities and comparing international experiences to the situation in Paraguay.

Preventing <i>torture</i> in Africa - Association for the

Torture Journal - International Rehabilitation Council

This was followed by a presentation by Roque Orrego, head of the NGO INECIP, on the development of the Observatory within the Public Defense as a torture prevention mechanism.

Preventing torture in Africa - Association for the

Subsequently, Carlos Portillo, medical doctor, psychiatrist, and human rhts expert, presented practical guides to detect torture and ill-treatment in detention.

Torture awareness workshop reference manual:

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